Xavier is a second generation breeder/owner/handler of Alaskan Malamutes and a professional handler and trainer of other breeds.  Growing up around a menagerie of animals, Xavier always had a special connection and love for dogs.  Not exclusively reserved for his “Mals”, he has worked with and loved other breeds as well; including the English and American Fox Hounds, Parson Russel Terriers, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Collies, Whippets, Black Russian Terriers, Scotties and many more.   Trained by some of the best, known for his love of the sport, and most importantly, placing the care of dogs above all else, Xavier constantly strives toward embodying the spirit of dog fancying and care.

But beyond his love of pure-bred dogs, his compassion for all canines and all animals has no bounds.  Having worked with rescue groups, community organizations, and even politicians, Xavier has worked diligently to improve the welfare of “man’s best friend”.    From Maine to Miami, and East Coast to West Coast (and now world wide), both rescuing and showing dogs and other animals, Xavier has found one universal commonality: it doesn’t matter where your pet is from, so long as your four-legged friend is always in your heart, you will have a life time of love. In addition to speaking engagements and other work, Xavier writes articles for Pets Adviser.