Although it's been some time, Xavier has been busy with a multitude of projects and events. Two features and many short films later, he has resurfaced and will have more updates soon. In the mean time, please see his production company's news profile here

Babies and Dogs…

So Xavier's next article is up! Babies and Dogs: The First 6 Months.  Have a read and let us know what you think by sending an email on our contact page! http://www.petsadviser.com/behaviors/train-dog-new-baby/

On CW62

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jamarcus Gaston at Studio-62 in Spartanburg, South Carolina for my film, "El Caballero". Check out the interview here!


Xavier Alistair Santiago is an actor, director, producer and writer based in New York City and London, United Kingdom.

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Xavier has worked from Off-Broadway to independent films and television.  Gradually expanding not only his swath of experience but his knowledge and appreciation of life, he searches for the beauty in all characters and stories.  But unlike many performers of today, what makes Xavier different is being an alum of one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country: Bowdoin College.  He also attended Columbia University focusing on the importance of good story-telling technique and bringing those stories into a successful production.

Some highlights of Xavier’s career include working with companies such as Animal Planet, 3 Ball Productions, Powderhouse Productions and others.  A massive fan of the horror and suspense, his directorial debut,El Caballero is being warmly received as a unique twist on the noir genre with a dash of Latin flair. Recently, his award-winning production of “Pardon The Intrusion, starring Laurence Olivier Award Winner, Sara Kestelman has struck lightning with its dramatic content.

is an award winning producer, actor, director and writer based between New York City and London, United Kingdom. His company, Saint Productions has produced commercials, documentaries, films, in addition to serving as a consultant for other projects, including long and short form television productions. Companies such as Animal Planet (Discovery Communications), Mahatma Rice, Carolina Rice and others only scratch the surface of his experience working within entertainment and media. Theatrically, he currently has two films in post-production. Details – a woman’s journey of reconciling her past to find true love; and Falling South – in a search for meaning, a young woman takes an unexpected journey down the Appalachia and meets three unlikely heroes who change her perspective. In addition, he has three films slated for production this year: Last Night in Savannah  – a young man’s final opportunity to find peace with his cancer-stricken mother after twelve years of silence; X-tina  – a riveting tale dealing with the dystopian reality of our hidden New York; and Fairforest – angst, awareness and adulthood abound in this true story about a mixed ethnic teenager growing up in the deep south and finding an unlikely mentor in his All-American, closeted uncle.  In addition to these feathers in his cap, Xavier has worked as a consultant and on-air host with other shows.

Not stopping there, Xavier is socially active in both cities.  He served as Manhattan’s Community Board 11′s Treasurer and Chair of Economic Development, where he co-created the first-ever Get Connected East Harlem Job Fair. He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Housing Committe and Chair of the HDFC Task Force – to maintain affordability for all New Yorkers! Also, his work with CareActGive and the Be Strong! Project to help distressed teenagers find empowerment through the martial arts has had phenomenal success.  Even with such a hectic schedule of bridge building across the giant “pond” we call the Atlantic, Xavier still finds time to work with animal rescue organizations, including AMAL.

To find out more about his current work and future projects, please contact him through the CONTACT page, or look at the News section.

Xavier is a second generation breeder/owner/handler of Alaskan Malamutes and a professional handler and trainer of other breeds.  Growing up around a menagerie of animals, Xavier always had a special connection and love for dogs.  Not exclusively reserved for his “Mals”, he has worked with and loved other breeds as well; including the English and American Fox Hounds, Parson Russel Terriers, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Collies, Whippets, Black Russian Terriers, Scotties and many more.   Trained by some of the best, known for his love of the sport, and most importantly, placing the care of dogs above all else, Xavier constantly strives toward embodying the spirit of dog fancying and care.

But beyond his love of pure-bred dogs, his compassion for all canines and all animals has no bounds.  Having worked with rescue groups, community organizations, and even politicians, Xavier has worked diligently to improve the welfare of “man’s best friend”.    From Maine to Miami, and East Coast to West Coast (and now world wide), both rescuing and showing dogs and other animals, Xavier has found one universal commonality: it doesn’t matter where your pet is from, so long as your four-legged friend is always in your heart, you will have a life time of love. In addition to speaking engagements and other work, Xavier writes articles for Pets Adviser.

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